stupid girl with stupid purple hair from new york

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Q: Are you going to BAAO?

yeah I’ll be there tonight. come say hi

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Joie De Vivre featuring Lindsay Minton from Football, Etc. - I Was Sixteen Ten Years Ago

How many times can you sit at home alone
And listen to that same old record and not get tired?
I’ve made more friends doing this than I could ask for
I’ve made more friends doing this than I care for



alex g/teen suicide


Top: Mat (Elvis Depressedly) and Torts (Julia Brown)
Bottom: Julia Brown


TEEN SUICIDE at Village Pizza. Bloomfield CT. 2/28/14


there’s so much we could do if i wasn’t dead, we’d go for walks in the rain if i had legs but i only have bones and soon they’ll have turned into dust. i can only see you from far away, how i wish i could get out of this grave. we could fall in love, but soon i’ll have turned back to dust.

Q: whats it like being a hot topic band


idk ask Slipknot

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Day 352: Falling In Love Again-Joyce Manor

Thanks for showing me around last night
Hope you don’t think I don’t care
Cause I do, I just don’t know if I should feel this bad about you